Syrian First Lady Unscripted

Mrs. Assad, First Lady of Syria
Mrs. Assad, First Lady of Syria

The Syrian First Lady speaking candidly, without a script – something nearly no western leader’s better half would do, or could do.

Mrs Assad is the first lady of the most attacked country on the planet, maybe the most attacked in human history by measurement of US+NATO+gulf states+ Israel funded bombings initiated against the entire country, including both military and civilian structures.

Adding to these forces, official figures have identified 90+ different countries represented among foreign mercenary groups ISIS, Al Nusra, etc… in the country, also paid by said funding states as a cheap proxy army sowing terror to benefit said funding states.

Against those overwhelming odds are the Syrian army and Syrian civilians, some neighboring states with questionable motives and more recently the Russian military has been invited by the Syrian government to help defend against the largest funded army ever to fight against a single soverign state.

Russia of course gets all the blame in the western media for everything that has happened in Syria even as the western powers continue their march destroying one country after another, stealing trillions in resources using transnational corporations that own western media and edit western news teleprompters for actors with ties to read with solemn faces.

We all remember when western terror wars began, it was stared with 9/11, the “new Pearl Harbour event” used to justify 10 million dead civilians in 14 countries and destined to expand as soon as they are able to expand. Currently the western warmongers are focused on Syria as their springboard into new profit wars expanding beyond the Middle East into Iran and Russia. Russia understands who is next in line as George Soros-style colour revolutions have been going on along Russia’s “near abroad” for many years, most recently in Georgia and Ukraine.

Many believe these wars are between nation states. This is not true. The west is an occupied power network ruled by western globalist bansters and transnational industries. The call themselves globalists. They promote a one world government without competition ruled by them. Their New World Order will be one without wars because they believe that they will have so much control over every aspect of life that no resistance will be possible. It is these destructive visionaries who employ, in their own words “order out of chaos” to lock the rest of us out of any multi-polar future. So that means sovereign states are their enemy. Thus, every country that isn’t part of the western banking structure is a target, especially if there are resources to be taken in the process. And so that brings us through the last 15 years of terror wars to Syria with the interests of both sides attempting to draw a line in the sand towards diametrically opposed plans. As this is both a global war and an asymmetrical, involvement is intense and diverse by people and tools and methods. Without question, that makes Syria arguably the most attacked country on planet earth in human history by a number of key metrics, some of them mentioned above.

In the face of these legendary threats, we have the beautiful and eloquent Asma Assad, educated in the west, obviously not representing what the west accuses, speaking bravely and with honour.

The western media-driven agendas bent to justify endless pre-emptive wars against non threatening countries would fail if they gave air time to the real victims of these wars. If the public would only demand to seek understanding from victim testimonies in equal portion to the words spoken on edited teleprompters by paid actors we call “news anchors”. By the way “anchor” is a psychological term. Anchoring bias in decision making is a well understood science for advertisers, also used by politicians and the war lobby.

What an upside down planet we have here, run by cowardly psychopaths who are worshiped even while they ruin beautiful landscapes, structures, economies and innocent people for a few pieces of silver.

– Author Tate Ulsaker

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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