If It’s Too Broke to Fix – Junk It!


The US (S)election system has become a casino, just like every other institution of scale in that failing empire. The below links indicate as does common sense – US electioneering system is too broke to fix.

Published on 31 Oct 2016 – “All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.”

You get what you pay for.
You get what you pay for.

QUOTE below from Code Red: Computerized Election Fraud

“Power, always seeking consolidation and control, has a way of finding the chinks, slipping in the explosives and blowing democracies and genuinely representative governance up. Or, more subtly and patiently, slow-dripping its acid onto the scaffolding that holds democracy upright. We’ve seen in America the metastasis of the security state, the infiltration of big money into politics, and the consolidation of the mainstream media under control of a handful of corporations. All of these developments make America look less democratic. The process may not be explosive, like a coup, but it is visibly erosive.

“Election theft is different in that it allows its perpetrators to keep “democracy” perfectly intact and looking like a democracy even after it’s been effectively gutted.”

A new actor comes into office, reads from a heavily edited teleprompter and nothing changes of significance.

The war example :


Presidents come, presidents go, but the globalist agenda remains. It stays right there on the heavily edited teleprompter for each subsequent figurehead to read. They can go off script by 5 or 10 percent, but not too much. Did any US President consult Congress before starting any of these post-911 wars as the constitution demands? No. Who has been tried for the millions of civilians who have died? Nobody. Who has been exposed for making money on war using false evidence that has been proven to be false and admitted to be false? So we have 10 million dead civilians resulting from admitted falsified reasons for war that benefited the same group who promoted the wars on faked reasons. So who has been prosecuted? This is incredible – Only the whistle-blowers who present credible evidence of war crimes by the power elite are being prosecuted. Is that the darkest irony ever? This is beyond outrageous.

I have a suggestion. Let’s have “issues based voting” rather than “figurehead voting”. Let’s have “glass box voting” instead of “black box voting”. We have seen the rise of P2P networks and how they have changed industries very quickly, benefiting direct participants. The technology is there, the solution is needed but the big money will not be happy. Issues-based voting in the hands of the masses and governed by a transparent audit-able process would disrupt the old guard, that’s for sure.


– Author Tate Ulsaker

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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