On Trump & The Hysteria Enveloping The Post Election Blues

Illustration by Steve Cutts @ http://www.stevecutts.com/

For all the liberal progressives having fits and others concerned about how honest Trump is considering his raving review of the Clintons in the recent 60 minutes interview:
Trump could turn away from everything he promised, that is just what politicians do. I am not surprised of this possibility.
He is a politician after all and we do have to accept that he might just be playing nice because he has a State Department & Soros funded colour revolution materialising as he speaks.
We all are assuming that he and other politicians are independent free thinking people instead of the very real likelihood of them being marionettes.
Lastly, for the genuinely concerned folks who refer to MSM supplied comments about Trump talking about dating a 10 yr old in 10 years; That is not exactly paedophilia but it is not exactly a thing most of us would say either. However, paedophilia is almost a criteria to be in power in London, Paris and Washington. So I am a bit confused as to why it is so shocking.
We can still be relieved that Hillary the psychopath is not in power, someone with a proven track record of being a war monger. Not MSM spin, but actual recorded factual history of destroying entire countries.
In conclusion, lets just watch this show as we would a bad movie. That is what it is after all. Our ability to shape the outcome and have any influence whatsoever is no different than that towards a b-movie on cable at 1am.

Mohsin Siddiqui


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