[17 August 2014]

The Oceania Saker idea grew out of discussions amongst the volunteer teams working with The Saker. The idea is to give the English team the same degree of editorial independence that the French,German and Russian teams enjoy. The obvious observation is that both The Saker and The Oceania Saker will publish in English but will be quite different.

This section will be developed as we go along in our journey and come more to terms with our identity. We are an inclusive publication platform that tries to focus on what we see as key global issues. We like to work with every shade of the united Global South against the Empire.

[17 January 2016]

This blog initially started in the aftermath of the coup in Ukraine, its ensuing chaos, genocide and war of the NATO backed “government” of Ukraine.

We were churning out translations & edited videos with amazing volunteers from the world over, it was great to see the truth being seen by others. Soon, many more great writers,analysts,translators, bloggers and the like filled the ranks of average peaceful citizens exposing the horrors of war and the lies of the establishment & assorted cronies (including mainstream journalists).

It was astounding to see how much creative potential people had in them, how resourceful they were and how determined they had become in their quest to address reality.

The latter part of last year has seen a transition of this blog from merely regurgitating alternative news to bringing you exclusive articles and rare commentary. We have also been busy with interesting thought projects to further collaboration among the alternative community.  It is this interest that will be more of a focus as we go forward.

The blog will continue to bring you interesting material to read, summaries to digest global matters and hopefully ways to collaborate with fellow human beings working for humanity. We will also attempt to focus on broader themes when possible.

What we believe in

Liberalism (our current Capitalist cut out), Communism and Fascism are all totalitarian in their approach and we do not subscribe to any of them. Words,phrases,slogans & ideologies form only part of the ideological matrix that humans walk around with. There is also the spiritual, ethnic,cultural, geographical etc dimensions that must be taken into account.

This does not mean that Communism or Capitalism have nothing good to offer. It means that there is no complete system in any sense of the word. The people of a locality, ultimately,- without  being manipulated- determine the ‘system’ they would like in place. And this ‘system’ can be an amalgam of knowledge past, present & uncharted.

Thus opens the door to free thinking & expression without the need to seek authority for it from a religion, culture,government or group.

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18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi it’s good to see the saker down under.There are a lot of world wide events ,taking place of which we are never informed of. I find reading the vinyard of the saker very enlighting.

  2. Very glad to see Saker expand into Oceana, the timing couldn’t be better. In spite of my strong disagreement with “consensus science” regarding the climate, I wish you all the best.

  3. I appreciate your work particularly how you keep your perspective afloat on the slippery slope balancing between empires. Oceania, the Pacific, Moana Nui, Won Solwara is enclosed as much as China and Russia are contained by the neoliberal empire. Peoples of the Pacific are grappling with issues more immediate that climate change. A tidal wave of militarization, privatization, and resource extraction is rising and only the sell outs are selling out because they’re buying into the hysteria of being left out.

    However, Oceania is rising, not dumbed down or denied a voice as you suggest, and as the Ukraine provides a tragic example for countries second guessing what happens if you side with BRICS and not the neoliberal regime, the Small Pacific Island States will provide a good example of not allowing ourselves to be ravaged by the hunger of empire.

  4. This is fantastic to see. I recently discovered Saker’s vineyard and am awed at the breadth and depth of information this network brings together. Thanks to everyone that makes this possible, especially the new Oceania crew and the Saker himself.

    I would very much like to see an open and controlled debate about climate change, the impact the associated policies have had on geopolitics and the cost of power for different demographics around the world.

    From what I have seen many climate discussions quickly become confrontational and descend into name calling other forms of trolling. I have also seen that the vineyard’s soil seems to provide energy for more rational and open-minded conversation.

    What I will say about climate change and the environment in general is this. It is undeniable that our species cannot sustain itself if we continue down the path we are on. Massive damage to the systems that life on this planet is occurring every day. Climate change is a way to muddy the waters and divert the efforts of the people that do care about the environment. It is a classic misdirection trick. We do not have the right dataset to be making bold statements about climate change. The dataset needs to contain data that is consistently measured in a way that is comparable over time [Think GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)]. Other wise any analysis of the data will lead to incomplete and meaningless interpretations. I fear this misdirection trick is pulling energy away from healing the real harms that we are doing. It is also an inducement to move towards international taxation which is a Pandora’s box all of its own.

    I look forward to seeing Oceania’s vineyard grow. Thanks gain to everyone who has made it possible.

  5. Welcome from Melbourne Oceania Saker.
    A deep murk of constant neoliberal disinformation pervades our region. Thank you for showing this first light through it.

  6. A pity Obama & kie is so besotted with a war with Russia. If only they would spend the same time and money in helping the US$ from crashing soon ~ the world would be a better place

  7. I am so happy to find you in internet space! I am Russian born in Crimea living in Norfolk Island. It’ s so sad to see how people are desinformed here about my motherland. Media spreads the total lie all over the world.
    When you are alone your voice is hard to be heard and it’s even harder to believe you. Now I feel like I am not alone any more in this part of the world )))

  8. ‘They make a desert and call it peace’ : –

    To paraphrase Tacitus’ most famous line from Agricola, relating the Battle of Mons Graupius and an episode in the asymmetric war between Imperial Rome and Caledonian tribesmen. From the poppy fields of Afghanistan, to the ruins left by the AngloZionists in what remains of the Middle East – from the Levant to Mesopotamia – as Europe commits hara-kiri to keep Western and Ukrainian oligarchs and their vulture funds happy : by ‘freezing out the Russian Bear’, an ever more mercenary Tony Blair has got himself hired to promote another Useless Mega Project …

    The new ‘Blair rich project’: Pushing Trans-Adriatic pipeline against Italians’ objections

    Claudio Gallo is a journalist, currently working as a Culture editor at La Stampa, where he also was foreign desk editor and London correspondent. His main interest is Middle East politics.

    Get short URL http://rt.com/op-edge/190012-tap-pipeline-italy-blair/
    Published time: September 23, 2014 19:19

  9. Rich green fertile paradise of NZ ugh racist settler-colonial state of NZ. NZ is a colonial power in the pacific not a victim of colonization & the majority of poor are Maori & pacific islanders that fertile green land was stolen from in the first place.

    1. Hi K,

      As it happens I was going to revise our About Me section. It has been a long time coming.

      I see futility in writing about NZ. Too many examples to go in to. And I did not mean in any way that NZ didn’t have its colonial past and honestly still does have its hold on regional island states.

      We at Oceania are more interested in covering global events and the occasional domestic event.

  10. Glad I came across this site a few months ago. I live in a vassal state of the empire called Australia. At the moment we have characters like PM Abbott And Attorney General Brandis advancing the Orwell like agenda of empire with a state of perpetual fear with the “War on Terror” and in response a greater concentration of power being legislated for the State to “protect us”. Thanks for your thoughts and especially “Pepe’s corner”. Eye opening stuff.

  11. Hi Sean Davis here from Sydney Australia, not sure where to contact you so will put this here if you are interested in publishing it.

    Link to Photos: https://www.facebook.com/freedomatalllevelsofrealitySD/posts/828358090552041

    Press Release:
    Today, on the 9th May, Sydney saw a cavalcade of maquette Russian tanks mounted on the roofs of vehicles travelling from Centennial park towards Bondi.
    “United we stand, divided we fall” (Alexandre Dumas) – it is under this moto and spirit that the Russian Sydney community organised the event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of capitulation of the Nazi machine on 9th May 1945 and thus ending the World War II.
    26th April is the official date when coalition partner commanders (Soviet Army and the Allied forces) met at Torgau, south of Berlin. The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill said – “We meet in true and victorious comradeship and with inflexible resolve to fulfill our purpose and our duty.”
    By that time, the colossus effort to withstand to the common threat amounted to millions of lives lost, hundreds of thousands of aircraft and millions of vehicles produced – these are headline statistics behind which there is an everlasting duty for the world to remember that working together is only way for humanity to stand tall.
    Historians and political interest lobbies put a lot of focus on three primary components of the victory:
    British innovation, cleverness and resilience
    American industriousness and massive productivity
    Soviet people patriotism, sacrifice, drive and adaptability
    We find it important to think about the 9th May as the common victory and in much broader terms than the headline impressions that are based on snippets of information. All nations together (stretching from Australia, China, across Eurasia to the Europe and the Americas) demonstrated the human spirit, pride and the capacity for sacrifice.
    Our commemoration attempt to convey that the events of the World War(s) should be remembered at the much deeper level rather than the dry numbers and dates. Australia is well aware of this differentiation by the way we jointly treat the ANZAC day. The reason why Russian communities hold the of 9th May events internationally is to acknowledge that millions of lives from the international community are the ones who effectively fought shoulder to shoulder and shared the same spirit in the face of the common adversary. We also do our best to keep the memory that these dry numbers are not the boundaries of what humanity went through – for instance millions of Chinese lost between 1937 and 1945 is the other facet that is commonly not included in the headline statistics.
    Soviet people’s contribution to the victory was to push back roughly three times the number of German divisions as opposed to what was thrown at other fronts. The Eastern front defended by the USSR was actually a chain of 42 different fronts – each named by their geographical location or direction. USSR inherited the trait of the former Russian Empire by calling upon and galvanising the people who lived over the vast territory – each front was an equal cross section of society represented by more than 90 ethnic groups who historically shared the same external and internal challenges. In fact, despite the geopolitical and historical gravity forces (whether through the Imperial past or the tsunami of revolution that settled into a communist landscape to be eroded by history at a later stage), it is the breadth of people living side by side as one family which defines that entity that many refer to as Russia. In those times it was USSR and our grandfathers were proud members of humanity rejecting notions such as one race society. It is for this reason the inevitable Nazi invasion was met with a fierce resistance. And it is for this reason Russian’s identify that war as the Great Patriotic War. Winston Churchill commented that – “It was the Russian army who tore the guts out of the German war machine.” It is time to crystallize the lesson that the Nazi war machine and more importantly its ideology could not be completely finished off without a true joint effort. This lesson must be used today in the face of global terrorism threats and global travesties on truth that combined are yet another challenge to our dignity. This new challenge cannot be underestimated. People themselves, just as back in those days, should stand up and resist the attack on what makes us human.
    We celebrate the victory over the Nazi ideology of superiority. Their Slavaphobia was not the only reason Soviet people put everything on the line. It is the wider travesty against humanity that always gets the Russian people (in the broader communal sense) up in arms. As Charles de Gaulle observed and said – “Russian people will never be happy knowing that somewhere injustice exists”.
    Our grandfathers fought for all humanity whose indignity was the Nazi ideology.
    The symbol we choose to represent to Soviet effort in that fight is the T-34 tank. It represents the sacrifice of people, the brutality of war and how people died, the power required and ingenuity required to win, the biggest battles (such the the Battle of Kursk involving some 6000 tanks, two million men, and 5,000 aircraft; or the Battle of Stalingrad that lasted 200 days and claimed 2 million lives – these are just two episodes, imagine the full story of sacrifice between 1941 and 1945).
    We feel that there is an unfulfilled duty to recognize the Nazi capitulation as the victory for all humanity. That day represents the victory of unity over disunity in the face of a common adversary, intellect and thinking over mediocrity, bipartisanship over the silly ideological wars of ‘ism’s. All ‘isms’ hold us back because they stop us from talking to each other and respecting each other. Soviet soldiers who met US soldiers on river Elbe did not speak each other’s language, but they did not have to – they were the most free people in the world.
    The 9th of May commemoration carries forward that feeling and spirit that humanity is only truly free when our differences are put aside and we win together. The fact that it was the ultimate Victory for humanity deserves being celebrated.
    Let us use this celebration to clear our minds from the pollution that fills the every day life. Just as light pollution prevents us from looking at the stars and dreaming, modern misconception agents pollute our understanding and remembrance of history and the depth of lessons . Let’s together complete Alexandre Dumas’ moto – “One for all and all for one. United we stand, divided we fall”.
    ‪#‎IStandWithRussia‬ ‪#‎Sydney‬ ‪#‎Australia‬ ‪#‎WTTV‬ ‪#‎VictoryDay‬ ‪#‎Russia‬ ‪#‎Seandavis‬ ‪#‎sergi‬ ‪#‎william‬ ‪#‎Sydneycity‬ ‪#‎Australiacity‬ ‪#‎therussiansarecomming‬

  12. Does Saker Oceania believe that there exists an opportunity to split ANZAC structures away from more northern hemisphere imperial wars? It makes more sense to trade with Asia than to fight some Middle Eastern civilians for oil to Europe and US aye? Just wondering what Saker Oceania wants to accomplish and also what are the content needs for the site. Thanks, Tate

    1. Hi Tate,

      The site is run more like an opinion blog, save that the opinions come from the alternative news community.

      What we do try to do is run Oceania Saker like a magazine, highlighting what we feel are key reads.

      Your question is timely, since we intend to change the direction of the site in 2016 to be more of a blog on themes out of the political/military spheres as much as possible.
      A lot of good people are already immersed in those information wars.

      The spare time from a slower pace will be used to work on more interesting projects.



  13. In this series everyday people from across the world give a number of different personal reasons as to why the stand with Russia. A key area people have come together in this series is to speak on the issue of ISIS and why they stand with Russia, the nation resolving this horrific problem and explain why the US and other western nations have no reason to stop ISIS as it is their own creation of destabilisation and terror. Other areas covered include NATO’s relationship in this and global conflicts in general. Russia as an obvious alternative to those who oppose the US New World Order and for those who also support tradition values over the liberal west. The ways in which western governments are using the terror threat to control their own people, silence political opposition and decent to their agenda. An update on the situation in Ukraine. As well as people contrasting the heavily controlled Mainstream media to alternative sources of media. This is a series not to be missed with 9 different videos from speakers all over the world.

    This is the third Series in #IStandWithRussia.

    A Western Truth TV Production created in conjunction with The West United for Russia and Produced and edited by Sean Davis from Sydney Australia.

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omDZoyyjlso

    Full Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYpLzCe1a_tWEWdk9Vx8Q2GlW4vLUnTIR

    Kind Regards,
    Sean Davis to the Saker!

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