[17 August 2014]

The Oceania Saker idea grew out of discussions amongst the volunteer teams working with The Saker. The idea is to give the English team the same degree of editorial independence that the French,German and Russian teams enjoy. The obvious observation is that both The Saker and The Oceania Saker will publish in English but will be quite different.

This section will be developed as we go along in our journey and come more to terms with our identity. We are an inclusive publication platform that tries to focus on what we see as key global issues. We like to work with every shade of the united Global South against the Empire.

[17 January 2016]

This blog initially started in the aftermath of the coup in Ukraine, its ensuing chaos, genocide and war of the NATO backed “government” of Ukraine.

We were churning out translations & edited videos with amazing volunteers from the world over, it was great to see the truth being seen by others. Soon, many more great writers,analysts,translators, bloggers and the like filled the ranks of average peaceful citizens exposing the horrors of war and the lies of the establishment & assorted cronies (including mainstream journalists).

It was astounding to see how much creative potential people had in them, how resourceful they were and how determined they had become in their quest to address reality.

The latter part of last year has seen a transition of this blog from merely regurgitating alternative news to bringing you exclusive articles and rare commentary. We have also been busy with interesting thought projects to further collaboration among the alternative community.  It is this interest that will be more of a focus as we go forward.

The blog will continue to bring you interesting material to read, summaries to digest global matters and hopefully ways to collaborate with fellow human beings working for humanity. We will also attempt to focus on broader themes when possible.

What we believe in

Liberalism (our current Capitalist cut out), Communism and Fascism are all totalitarian in their approach and we do not subscribe to any of them. Words,phrases,slogans & ideologies form only part of the ideological matrix that humans walk around with. There is also the spiritual, ethnic,cultural, geographical etc dimensions that must be taken into account.

This does not mean that Communism or Capitalism have nothing good to offer. It means that there is no complete system in any sense of the word. The people of a locality, ultimately,- without  being manipulated- determine the ‘system’ they would like in place. And this ‘system’ can be an amalgam of knowledge past, present & uncharted.

Thus opens the door to free thinking & expression without the need to seek authority for it from a religion, culture,government or group.

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The Vineyard Saker in Oceania