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A place in between, by Dagmar Henn

Note: following Desecrated Shrines, this is the second eyewitness report about daily life in Novorussia sent to my by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, Team Leader German ...
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Desacrated shrines, by Dagmar Henn

Note: this is the first article sent to me by the Saker Community representative in Novorussia, Dagmar Henn, from the German Saker Blog.  Dagmar has had a tough trip, with ...
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Stategic papers or: it is forbidden to think, by Dagmar Henn

A few days ago German corporate media jubilated as if they had caught Putin with his hands in the cookie jar -- and proudly presented  a „strategy paper“ which they ...
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Conversation: Ms. Merkel and Peace, by Dagmar Henn

This is a must read analysis by someone who we have found to be one of the most rational voices out of Germany. This brilliant analysis by Dagmar Henn dissects right ...
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Witches Sabbath from Paris to Kiev, by Dagmar Henn

Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. (Macbeth) We've already become accustomed to press reports of happenings and hearing the statements of our ...
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Conversation: The big hypocrites, by Dagmar Henn

This week has been one where the world has been assaulted by fear and war mongering once again. The people no matter where they are, are being constantly told that ...
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A Different Reunification, by Dagmar Henn

The continuous propaganda for Greater Germany proved it´s efficiency by the fact that developments in south-eastern Ukraine haven't been seen as what they might well be -- the reunification of ...
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/ Crimea, Dagmar Henn, Germany, Russia, Ukraine

Conversation: Premeditated murder, the MH17 story

Hi everybody,   I would like a question about the time before July 17.   In the last days before the MH17-event German media started to mention aerial attacks in ...
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Hare & Hedgehog, by Dagmar Henn

The title refers to the Brothers Grimm Tale, ‘The Hare and the Hedgehog.’ They give the moral to be “that no one, however distinguished he thinks himself, should make fun ...
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/ Dagmar Henn, Germany

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