The Man Who Must Be Tsar, By STRATEDIPLO

When he signed "the boy who would be tsar", the old artist Andreï Andreïevich Romanov (also known as Andrew Andreyevich Romanoff) was, surprisingly, third in the lately chaotic succession line of Russia, ...
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The US provokes with a permanent presence in the Black Sea, by Stratediplo

Source: Stratediplo At the opportunity of the Sea Breeze naval exercise, vice-admiral James Foggo, commanding officer of the USA Sixth Fleet, declared on September 2 that the USA will tend ...
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The Minsk Complex dismantles the Minsk Memorandum, by Stratediplo

On September 5, 2014, the trilateral contact group on Ukraine (OSCE, Russia and Ukraine) signed a Protocol to "implement president Poroshenko's peace plan and president Putin's initiative"; then on September ...
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Source: The French Saker Translation: Jack & Robin December 22, 2014 Starting today, December 22, 2014, fluctuations in precious metal prices, which were not truly free of manipulation, will be ...
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The Depreciation of the Euro, by Stratediplo

Economists say that the euro is falling. Since currencies are no more measured in gold terms but in comparison to other currencies, they mean that the euro is depreciating compared ...
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the Minsk Memorandum is back: it corrects the Minsk Protocol, by Stratediplo

Written end of September, this note was not intended for publication but for internal OSCE use. The renewed interest for the Minsk process, and the possible beginning of implementation after ...
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Donetsk, Lugansk and Novorussia, by Stratediplo

Whatever one may think about the referendum on sovereignty held on May 11 in the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk in reaction to their exclusion by the new regime born from ...
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Lessons from Minsk: international and national sovereignty, by Stratediplo

1- International sovereignty The Minsk affair stressed the urgency, for Novorussia, to define its international status. All Novorussia actors agreed that from now on, they must never sign any agreement ...
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Kuchma-Zurabov protocol: Concession or Treason ? , By Stratediplo

The OSCE published yesterday the text of the protocol of agreement signed on Friday, September 5 in Minsk. One cannot guess what happened but if it is true that Poroshenko ...
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