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Tariq Ali: The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution, by Chris Hedges

March 06, 2015 "ICH" - "Truthdig" - Tariq Ali is part of the royalty of the left. His more than 20 books on politics and history, his seven novels, his ...
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Greece’s Fight Against European Austerity, interview with Tariq Ali

Source: counterpunch The Implications of SYRIZA and the Greek Elections Tariq Ali was interviewed by Kostas Vlahopoulos and Thomas Giourgas for www.nostimonimar.gr. 1. For the first time in Greek political history, ...
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Conversation: Arundhati Roy on the “I” in BRICS

We quite often get caught up in a whirlwind of geopolitics, popular sentiment, personal hopes and sheer desire to finally see someone stand up to the status quo. What we ...
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Conversation: Maximum Horror, by Tariq Ali

It was a horrific event. It was condemned in most parts of the world and most poignantly by many cartoonists. Those who planned the atrocity chose their target carefully. They knew ...
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Conversation: The State of Affairs in Libya, a summary

Tariq Ali talks to Mabruk Derbèsh, Professor at University of Tripoli (now in exile) about the failure of international policy on Libya including NATO’s 2011 intervention. Also discussed are the ...
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We Can’t Breathe, by Tariq Ali

Trapped in a System Where Nothing Changes ‘We live in a post-racial society,’ Obama enthused, referring to his own victory, soon after entering the White House. It sounded hollow at ...
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Tariq Ali on ‘The United States: The First And Last Global Empire’

The kind of degenerative drivel that passes for "news" in the mainstream media is beyond lies,distortion,misreporting and appeasement of the Empire. The reporting also comes from a place of attributing ...
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Mullahs and Heretics: A Secular History of Islam, by Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali is a brilliantly skilled writer who has a unique ability to weave his narrative through the fabric of time and history in a manner that allows the reader ...
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