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A review of André Vltchek’s new book  “Fighting Against Western Imperialism (Jakarta: Badak Merah Semesta, 2014)

“Who is it, that strange lady with an axe in her hand and with a covered face – the lady whose name is Democracy?”
This question, as a haunting leitmotif, is going through one’s mind while reading Fighting Against Western Imperialism and lingers long after the last page of the book is turned. The author of the book, André Vltchek, is one of a few noble knights of investigative journalism who travel to all the dangerous places in the world, “speak truth to power,” and report on the events on the ground in order that people could open their eyes and minds and learn the seemingly incongruent fact that there are millions and millions of innocents, people like you and me, who were and still are being sacrificed in the name of western-style democracy.

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