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“Je suis Charlie” ? Or a pact with the devil and a fool’s bargain, by Paul Matthews

“Internally, French society is not “threatened” by a Muslim presence – although it is indeed threatened by exacerbated Islamophobia. The key problem is that France does not know how to integrate its Muslim population, something that allows what sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar describes as “terroristes maison”. These made in France terrorists start as petty thieves, are de-Islamicized and then re-Islamicized by neighborhood imams and most of all by the devastation wreaked by the Empire of Chaos and NATO over the lands of Islam”. [1]
 “The conquest of Algeria by France takes place in several distinct stages of the landing of the African army in Sidi Ferruch June 14, 1830, under General de Bourmont until the formal surrender of Emir Abd el-Kader to the Duke of Aumale, on 23 December 1847. This conquest ended with the annexation of Algeria to the French Republic, through the creation of the French départements in Algeria in December 1848 “. [2]


Illustrated by this photo of two French soldiers toying with their prey, the rape of Algeria lasted more than a century. The extreme brutality of this conquest recalls another – that of Italian Libya – a North African territory conquered by the Kingdom of Italy, after the 1911 Italian invasion of Ottoman Tripolitania. Exactly100 years later Muammar Gaddafi is put to death by forces supported by NATO. An event filmed [3] showing the Libyan being sodomised shortly before he is executed – probably on orders from Sarkozy’s secret service. [4]

People commemorate suffering. The legacy of the Algerian War of Independence brings to mind the bloodshed and bitterness on each side of the Irish Sea after centuries of colonialism going back to Anglo-Norman times.

Cherif and Said Kouachi were of Algerian descent. Something which hasn’t escaped the eagle eye of renowned British journalist Robert Fisk – fin connaisseur of the Arab world – given the spelling of their family name [5] His article retraces links between the attack by the two brothers and the French-Algerian conflict (1954-1962).

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