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Glenn Greenwald exposes wholesale New Zealand spying on a National Scale

New Zealand has been a puppet state of the US for a long time, the legalization of spying last year cemented this relationship further.

Today Julian Assange, Glen Greenwald, Edward Snowden and Kim Dotcom were at the Auckland Town hall this evening. Here is what they had to say. For the fun stuff start at 48 minutes onwards.

The public has never been so polarized in New Zealand, the majority last year was opposed to the law but it was passed anyway. “…enormous amounts of data about the activities of New Zealand citizens” was handled by Edward Snowden himself as revealed by Greenwald in Auckland today.

What is now happening in New Zealand is that Kim Dotcom is not letting go, he is not giving up. This event is nothing short of a PR coup by Dotcom. Think about it, he was in court not long ago on the orders of the US. Now he has National political presence via the Mana Party, has kept the privacy debate alive and then this right before the elections.

He has a lot to loose no matter how you see him. Of course he is a shrewd businessman but that is not relevant. Privacy is a human right and right now, no matter what Kim Dotcom’s politics, he is advocating something important: Our freedom.

Kim Dotcom summarised the objective here by saying: “…we are going to do everything we can and we are going to work really really hard to prevent this country in participating in mass surveillance and are going to close one of the five eyes.”


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