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Conversation: Premeditated murder, the MH17 story

Hi everybody,
I would like a question about the time before July 17.
In the last days before the MH17-event German media started to mention aerial attacks in Donbass for the first time (about Lugansk on 02 June they just repeated one Ukie line about manpads…). At that time it looked like a sudden opening, as nothing about airstrikes or artillery attacks against towns or villages had been mentioned before. But this ended immediately after MH17, and the next time there was anything about shelling of towns in German mainstream media was some time ago, when the report about cluster bombs was published.
I had been wondering about this fenomenon at that time, and resolved that it looked like an organized preparation to make the story about a downing of MH17 by the militias look credible. Because the whole scenario wouldn´t have worked at all if the themes “planes” and “surface-air-missiles” were not introduced to the public before that. (Just made me wonder what was with that Antonow that was downed on 14th..) Which would necessitate some beforehand knowledge about what was going to happen… which was exactly the reason why I didn´t look deeper into this suspicious combination.
But this few days and the reports that shone up in German media at that time remained an absolute singularity. FAZ had a big report about the bombing of a house in Snezhnoe published on 16th. Sure, there was a lot of news about it on Russian news agencies. But all the other days, all the months since then, nothing made it into FAZ. Just an airstrike in Snezhnoe one day before MH17.
Here is my question. Did anyone at anyplace observe a similar phenomenon? Was there an increase in the media considering the themes “airstrikes” and “defence against them” in the last few days before July 17?
I tried to check it myself. But I discovered that not even all articles in German media from that time are still accessible (I remember even tv coverage), but also that I lack the vocabulary to easily run a search about it and simply don´t have a chance to perceive the overall development of propagandistic waves in other countries.
And, honestly, I do hope it doesn´t stay a unique German phenomenon. Because that would give it a significance I don´t feel comfortable with.
Thanks in advance,

Dagmar Henn is a social services professional, she is a former member of the Munich City Council for Die Linke (“The Left’”), formed from a fusion of the former ruling party of the German People’s Republic, the Socialist Union Party, with a left-wing split from the Social Democratic Party.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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Malaysian Flight MH17 crash analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers

This is an excellent detailed analysis of the MH17 tragedy by the Russian Union of Engineers which quite frankly illustrates how heavily censored the Dutch “report” is.

We will let you digest this report and come to your own conclusion, which in all likelihood will explain the infamous high velocity projectiles whitewash pumped out by the western “press”.

This review was undertaken by experts who not only know the subject matter but have objectively presented evidence that must be considered with the legitimacy that is inherent to it. Here is the overall description of the “Analytical Group” from the report:

A group of experts from the Russian Union of engineers was convened to analyze the situation, including reserve officers with experience in the use of anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as pilots having experience with aircraft weapons.This problem was also discussed at a meeting of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, where many variants were tested and discussed again. In the course of their analysis the experts used materials derived from public sources, found in the media. The situation was also analyzed using a computer simulation of the Su-25.

You can download the English version of the report here.

The original Russian version of the report is here.

Official statement by the Russian Union of Engineers:

We would like to thank The Saker for his continued support for our efforts at Oceania Saker. Special mention, thanks and much gratitude goes to Alice, Gideon & Katya for their wonderful effort at such short notice.


We have translated the text to the best of our abilities and where unsure have included the original Russian. Additionally, the original Russian report is available for download for your reference. Please distribute freely with acknowledgement.



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