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A Call from the Chimpanzees of the Future, by Pieces et Maindoeuvre


Fighting to preserve human dignity is a many-facetted struggle. As the apparatus of repression becomes increasingly brutal and sophisticated, developments in the high-tech world mean we are challenged both as individuals and as a community. With the accent exclusively on ‘innovation’, change has become an ideological pillar of a merciless industrial culture hellbent on erasing every knowledge base, inherited from the past, to disorientate and enslave people, by destabilising and destroying their environment.

A philosophical truism suggests that existential threats bring out the best and the worst in us. France is not alone in producing intellectuals and original thinkers. It is however the birthplace of the Faucheurs Volontaires movement and home to Criigen, enabling Gilles-Eric Séralini and his team to produce their ground breaking in vivo GMO study ie both forms of well organised resistance to the likes of Monsanto.

It is also a nation state fully integrated into NATO and the Anglo-Zionist Empire, one capable of voting draconian legislation to muzzle dissent and where a humourist by the name of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala invented a simple gesture “la Quenelle” to ridicule the political establishment, reducing his deadliest foes to a caricature of themselves and revealing them to be what they really are in reality : pompous oafs.

Part of our task at The Saker is sowing the seeds to mobilise public opinion on fundamental issues which, for obvious reasons, the Deep State and the Multinationals would dearly like to keep out of the headlines. All the more reason why we choose to publish this key text from France, translated by Paul Matthews.

Washoe (1965-2007)
Washoe (1965-2007)


A Call from the Chimpanzees of the Future 

Brother Humans, Sister Humans …

Possibly you’ve heard of transhumanism and of transhumanists ; of a mysterious threat from a secretive and fanatical caucus of scientists and industrialists – discreet and powerful – whose intrigues and stated objective are to liquidate, as it were, ‘common or garden’ humans beings and replace them with a Race of Superhumans – an “enhanced” Species of Men-Machines. A species derived from Eugenics and from
the convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science (NIBC) and huge advances in science.

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