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Building Totalitarianism in Europe – The Last Coup of Victoria Nuland, by Dimitri Konstantakopoulos

Source: Voltairenet

by Dimitri Konstantakopoulos

Since April 2016, US neoconservatives have been trying to change the status of Cyprus. It is for them both (1) to reunite the island (2) to deprive it of its army (3) but also to deploy the Turkish army under cover of NATO. The inevitable Victoria Nuland, who should have become Secretary of State if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, is maneuvering. This plan is supposed to tie Turkey to NATO and prevent its rapprochement with Russia.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, receives the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland.

ctoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State, did not spend much time and energy with Christmas and New Year celebrations this year. She has another very urgent and pressing problem to solve, before leaving the State Department, and this is the “Cyprus conflict”. The way she wants to solve this conflict is by transforming a second member of the EU, after Greece, into a protectorate. As the proposed solution for Cyprus is higlhy unstable, powers outside the EU will be provided also with a bomb inside it, that is with the possibillity of provoking a Bosnian-type conflict inside, not outside EU borders.

In the same time she wants also to get Turkey admitted immediately to the EU, by the window of the “Cypriot settlement”. By virtue of the provisions of the “Cyprus settlement” under consideration now, Turkey is invested after January 12 with many of the rights and powers (and none of the obligations) of the member-states. It will also legalize in Geneva, its military presence and its right to intervene militarily inside the European Union.

Such an outcome of the Geneva conference will have enormous strategic consequences for Europe and for the Middle East, transforming the whole “Eastern Meditarranean”, a sea lane of vital importance, into a kind of “Mare Nostrum” of the “Naval Forces”, excluding from there any “foreign” strategic influence (German, Russian or Chinese) and laying one more foundation for encircling Russia from the South with a kind of “security belt” and trying to hinder its access to the “warm seas”, a centuries long dream of British imperial planners. It will constitute the deeper change of the Mediterranean strategic landscape, since the eruption of the so-called Eastern Question or, at least, since the Greek national revolution, two centuries ago.

Annan Plan – Creating a Frankestein “state” in Cyprus

The type of settlement Mrs. Nuland wants to impose on Cyprus is a new version of the Annan Plan, rejected by the overwhelming majority of Cypriots during the 2004 referendum, in spite of enormous pressure they had suffered and a real terror campaign against them, warning the day of Doom would come on the aftermath of a No vote. The Annan Plan is violating all essential provisions of European, International and Constitutional Law, including the UN Charter. In the light of its provisions, it represents the most comprehensive effort undertaken, since the defeat of Nazism, in 1945, to impose a totalitarian system in any western country.

The Annan plan is instituting a kind of Frankestein state in Cyprus, where, among other things, the rule of majority (democracy) will be formally abolished, where there will be permanent vetos of the two Cypriot communities in every level of decision making and in all branches of power (executive, legislative, judicial), and, in the very probable case that system would be brought to an impasse, foreign judges will decide everything. In reality, the new “state” will be governed by foreign judges, concentrating upon themselves, three centuries after Montesqieu, all powers.

The solution provides for imposing to the new “state” a complete disarmament status, that is forbid it from the right of self-defense and the means to exercise it (an army). And do it in a permanent terms, not as a temporary measure, as it happened with Germany and Japan after the 2nd World War. In Orwellian terms, this is called “Cyprus demilitarized”. In reality there will be many traffic problems there provoked, because of the military vehicles of Britain, Turkey, other NATO countries and Police cars from various “Christian and Muslim countries” which will be present there. Britain and Turkey will have the legal right to intervene militarily inside a territory of the European Union.

Continue reading Building Totalitarianism in Europe – The Last Coup of Victoria Nuland, by Dimitri Konstantakopoulos

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Hanoi skyline

Some fifteen years ago, when I lived in Hanoi, I used to come very often to the rooftop bar at the Meritus Hotel for an evening drink, just to feel the gentle breeze and to spot ancient cargo boats majestically sailing on the surface of the Red River. Sometimes the river could be clearly visible, but often it was covered by fog, like in an old Vietnamese painting.

There were villages on the horizon, consisting mainly of simple ‘tunnel’ houses, and I could also see a few skyscrapers in the center of the city. Far below, the buildings on the shores of the ‘Little Lake’ were colorful, nostalgic and picturesque.

Hanoi was melancholic and poor, but it was what it was, and one could love it or hate it, but never be indifferent to it.

It was also the capital of a socialist country, a proud country, which defeated both French and US imperialists. It was a symbol of resistance, a beacon of hope for many poor and struggling countries, and like Cuba, a living proof that a determined and proud nation could dare to stand up and even win against the mightiest and the most venomous enemies.

At some point, Meritus changed its name and its owner. It became Sofitel and just recently was converted again, this time to Pan Pacific. The rooftop bar survived. The skyscrapers grew all around the city. They now cover almost the entire horizon; suddenly Hanoi has a real skyline. You look into the distance, and what you see could be anywhere else: in Shanghai or Dallas, Bangkok or Johannesburg… but only with half-closed eyes.

Enthusiastic Communist posters have survived, or at least some of them. Others mutated and migrated to new huge modern digital billboards. They are shining into the night, and the images are constantly changing: Uncle ‘Ho’, pioneer children, workers and soldiers ready to defend their country.

“Is Vietnam still a Communist country?” I keep asking wherever I go, for years. I ask the same question in deep villages and major cities. It is because the answer seems to be essential to me. It is because so many millions of Vietnamese people died, fighting for their country and then trying to fulfill their dream of a social homeland.

The answers I receive are often evasive. For some reason, the eyes of many are downcast.

“What happened, Vietnam?” I want to ask, but Vietnam is one great and long stretch of land following the seashore; it does not speak, it does not reply to rhetorical questions. Most of its people are free to speak, they are able to reply, but for some reason they don’t. Are they confused as much as I am?


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Common wisdom says that after Donald Trump got elected in the United States, Vietnam should be in panic.

True, there could be some ‘objective’ reasons for alarm, if one is truly obsessed with the ‘free’ trade agreements.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership may soon go to the dogs and at least one sizeable part of the Vietnamese leadership was counting on it, hoping that it would boost the economy, particularly its garment and agricultural sectors.

However, Vietnam is and always was tough, and on top of it, there are many signs indicating that the public and many government and Party heads are actually demanding a more ‘hardline’ Communist path, not just more business activities.

Earlier this year, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong, was re-elected, while Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung was pushed from power. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported:

“Mr Dung was the party’s strongest voice in denouncing Beijing and was credited with Vietnam’s smooth accession to a US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

In brief: he was one of the main local advocates of the pro-Western foreign and economic policy, which was setting Vietnam on a dangerous crash course with China. And he is gone…

After the recent election results in the United States were announced, Vietnam is set to move much closer towards both China and Russia. President-elect Donald Trump’s ‘exceptionalist’ and often anti-Asian rhetoric is already setting off alarm bells all over the region: from Hanoi to Jakarta, and naturally from Manila to Beijing.


Donald Trump is now getting ready to murder the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ (the 12-nation trade pact). Vietnam, which during the previous years developed (pragmatically) a very close relationship with the Obama administration, is watching nervously. Before the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party earlier this year (and particularly since a new Constitution was adopted in 2013), Vietnam introduced and passed around 100 new laws, some described rightly or wrongly by Western analysts as ‘pro-market economic reforms’.

Undeniably, some in the Vietnamese leadership believed that their country would be one of the main beneficiaries of the TPP.

There was even some muted grumbling about the ‘growing strategic relationship’ between Vietnam and the United States.

To impress the West, particularly the United States, Hanoi kept ‘improving the business climate’, ‘easing its trade regulations and yielding to various demands from Western and Asian businesses and corporations.

Most alarmingly, Hanoi’s confrontational stand towards China was changing from rhetorical to ‘tangible’, after Vietnam began expanding its runway – and according to Reuters and other Western sources – after it began deploying several rocket launchers in or near the disputed area in the South China Sea.


To say that ‘Vietnam changed its basic positions opportunistically and abruptly’ would be wrong. Even before the US elections, Vietnam began ‘diversifying’ its foreign policy.

Now Hanoi is hoping for the deal that is being proposed by China: a 16-nation agreement called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which would include Vietnam and the rest of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, plus Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Relations between Hanoi and Beijing have been rapidly improving. It is becoming clear that Vietnam may be following the example of the Philippines, backing off permanently from the confrontational course with the most populous nation on earth. Significantly, the top Vietnamese leadership recently hosted the outspoken anti-imperialist President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. To quote Gary Sands from the Foreign Policy Blogs:

“…While the previous administration in Hanoi had angered Beijing by seeking legal advice from Manila in order to potentially file their own claim at The Hague, the new leadership under Quang appears to be backing off confrontation with Beijing, along with Manila. Any jointly-coordinated legal or military effort between Hanoi and Manila appears now to be out of the question for fear of provoking the dragon next door, while we await the outcome of hopefully peaceful bilateral negotiations.” 

The ideological stand of the Vietnamese leadership became clear following the death of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro Ruz. The country announced a day of mourning and Vietnam’s government and Party officials delivered powerful emotional revolutionary and internationalist speeches.


One major problem is that the Western perspective has managed to kidnap almost entirely the narrative on the country – the way all major or minor developments in Vietnam are being perceived and interpreted. This does not necessarily apply to the Vietnamese people, although many of them are actually also consuming Western propaganda at an excessive rate. However, it definitely applies to how the rest of the world understands (or misunderstands) Vietnam.

The slowing down of Doi Moi pro-market reforms is hardly addressed by Western mass media. As they hardly address any social changes in neighboring China. In Europe and the US it is generally perceived that both countries are determinately and happily embracing the market economy concepts.

The reality couldn’t be any farther from that. In China and in Vietnam (although still more in China), the majority of the population has been disappointed, even disgusted, by capitalist practices. People are demanding the re-introduction of essential socialist principles. In China, under the leadership of President Xi, the government is yielding to the people’s demands. It appears that Vietnam is paying close attention to its giant neighbor in the North, and is also willing to reconsider its hard-core pro-market stands.

The people of Vietnam may be hopeful, but they are not necessarily content, in the cities and in the countryside. Life is now better than two decades ago, but expectations are also much higher. ‘Socialism Vietnam-style’ would most likely be welcomed by the majority, and could be coming soon!


(First published by NEO)

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are revolutionary novel “Aurora” and two bestselling works of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire” and  Fighting Against Western Imperialism. View his other books here. Andre is making films for teleSUR and Al-Mayadeen. After having lived in Latin America, Africa and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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Announcement by the Saker Community about the German Saker blog

It is with great sadness that we, the Saker Community, have decided to sever our ties with the German Saker blog. For many years the German Saker blog has been one of the most successful and dedicated blogs of our community and we want to sincerely thank Dagmar Henn for the superb job she did as the person in charge of this blog. Recently, however, the German Saker blog has taken a very different tone and has made a number of accusations and statements which have convinced us that we need to part ways. We do that with great sadness. We reserve the right to start another “community approved” German Saker blog in the future with a different domain name and we express the hope that the current administrators of the so-called “ 2.0″ will agree to stop using the word “saker” in their domain and blog name. Any future use of that word by the “ 2.0″ would be morally illegitimate and misleading.

Signed: French Saker blog, Italian Saker blog, Latin American Saker blog, Oceania Saker blog, Russian Saker blog, Serbian Saker blog, The Saker

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If It’s Too Broke to Fix – Junk It!


The US (S)election system has become a casino, just like every other institution of scale in that failing empire. The below links indicate as does common sense – US electioneering system is too broke to fix.

Published on 31 Oct 2016 – “All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.”

You get what you pay for.
You get what you pay for.

QUOTE below from Code Red: Computerized Election Fraud

“Power, always seeking consolidation and control, has a way of finding the chinks, slipping in the explosives and blowing democracies and genuinely representative governance up. Or, more subtly and patiently, slow-dripping its acid onto the scaffolding that holds democracy upright. We’ve seen in America the metastasis of the security state, the infiltration of big money into politics, and the consolidation of the mainstream media under control of a handful of corporations. All of these developments make America look less democratic. The process may not be explosive, like a coup, but it is visibly erosive.

“Election theft is different in that it allows its perpetrators to keep “democracy” perfectly intact and looking like a democracy even after it’s been effectively gutted.”

A new actor comes into office, reads from a heavily edited teleprompter and nothing changes of significance.

The war example :


Presidents come, presidents go, but the globalist agenda remains. It stays right there on the heavily edited teleprompter for each subsequent figurehead to read. They can go off script by 5 or 10 percent, but not too much. Did any US President consult Congress before starting any of these post-911 wars as the constitution demands? No. Who has been tried for the millions of civilians who have died? Nobody. Who has been exposed for making money on war using false evidence that has been proven to be false and admitted to be false? So we have 10 million dead civilians resulting from admitted falsified reasons for war that benefited the same group who promoted the wars on faked reasons. So who has been prosecuted? This is incredible – Only the whistle-blowers who present credible evidence of war crimes by the power elite are being prosecuted. Is that the darkest irony ever? This is beyond outrageous.

I have a suggestion. Let’s have “issues based voting” rather than “figurehead voting”. Let’s have “glass box voting” instead of “black box voting”. We have seen the rise of P2P networks and how they have changed industries very quickly, benefiting direct participants. The technology is there, the solution is needed but the big money will not be happy. Issues-based voting in the hands of the masses and governed by a transparent audit-able process would disrupt the old guard, that’s for sure.


– Author Tate Ulsaker

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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A Critique of The Green Party of Aotearoa N.Z. Climate Change Policy.

Source: Kevin Hester

On the 27th of October, 2016, I attended two “Meet and Greet” public events with Green Party of Aotearoa co-leader and minister, Metiria Turei.

The turnout for these two events was abysmal and must have been disheartening for the organisers and the minister, with only a handful of people turning up to meet the co-leader.Theturnout was simply appalling, but it got worse.

At the first event I counted 8 people excluding the Minister and ‘handlers'( one of whom lauded the “Progressive Barack Obama”, I pointed out that President Obama is currently bombing 7 countries, that the Pentagon is the single largest user of fossil fuels on the planet and that Obama is a functionary of the military industrial complex, he called that comment a conspiracy theory!! I additionally pointed out that the term “Conspiracy Theory” was coined by the C.I.A.).

At the second event there were only 5 people who bothered to turn up.This for the co-leader of a major political party! Alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.

The purpose of me taking a 35 minute ferry ride across the Waitemata Harbour and a longer car drive across the congested city was to hand out flyers to the party faithful for my forthcoming  presentation with Professor Guy McPherson at the Unitec campus in Auckland. My carbon footprint for the effort, for what little was achieved was enormous due to the poor turnout.


At the first meeting, I asked the minister to discuss with the party policy division the necessity and merits of declaring a planetary climate emergency, considering we are patently in the midst of one. I mentioned that NZ was the first country in the world where women ripped the right to vote, from the vice like grip of the patriarchy and that our nation had been a world leader in becoming the first nation to be declared nuclear free and that this presented a fantastic opportunity to lead from the front and set a global standard. The minister replied that we can’t tell everyone “That the world is going to hell in a hand basket, if we do, people will lose the will to act”. I find this position spurious, patronising and symptomatic of the failed system of not trusting members of the public with the truth. Anyone with an internet connection can see we are in an undeclared emergency, the lack of acceptance of that emergency will only make it worse and loses valuable time to warn and prepare our youth of the impending chaos. Understating the severity of the predicament does everyone a disservice.
Continue reading A Critique of The Green Party of Aotearoa N.Z. Climate Change Policy.

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Syrian First Lady Unscripted

Mrs. Assad, First Lady of Syria
Mrs. Assad, First Lady of Syria

The Syrian First Lady speaking candidly, without a script – something nearly no western leader’s better half would do, or could do.

Mrs Assad is the first lady of the most attacked country on the planet, maybe the most attacked in human history by measurement of US+NATO+gulf states+ Israel funded bombings initiated against the entire country, including both military and civilian structures.

Adding to these forces, official figures have identified 90+ different countries represented among foreign mercenary groups ISIS, Al Nusra, etc… in the country, also paid by said funding states as a cheap proxy army sowing terror to benefit said funding states.

Against those overwhelming odds are the Syrian army and Syrian civilians, some neighboring states with questionable motives and more recently the Russian military has been invited by the Syrian government to help defend against the largest funded army ever to fight against a single soverign state.

Russia of course gets all the blame in the western media for everything that has happened in Syria even as the western powers continue their march destroying one country after another, stealing trillions in resources using transnational corporations that own western media and edit western news teleprompters for actors with ties to read with solemn faces.

We all remember when western terror wars began, it was stared with 9/11, the “new Pearl Harbour event” used to justify 10 million dead civilians in 14 countries and destined to expand as soon as they are able to expand. Currently the western warmongers are focused on Syria as their springboard into new profit wars expanding beyond the Middle East into Iran and Russia. Russia understands who is next in line as George Soros-style colour revolutions have been going on along Russia’s “near abroad” for many years, most recently in Georgia and Ukraine.

Many believe these wars are between nation states. This is not true. The west is an occupied power network ruled by western globalist bansters and transnational industries. The call themselves globalists. They promote a one world government without competition ruled by them. Their New World Order will be one without wars because they believe that they will have so much control over every aspect of life that no resistance will be possible. It is these destructive visionaries who employ, in their own words “order out of chaos” to lock the rest of us out of any multi-polar future. So that means sovereign states are their enemy. Thus, every country that isn’t part of the western banking structure is a target, especially if there are resources to be taken in the process. And so that brings us through the last 15 years of terror wars to Syria with the interests of both sides attempting to draw a line in the sand towards diametrically opposed plans. As this is both a global war and an asymmetrical, involvement is intense and diverse by people and tools and methods. Without question, that makes Syria arguably the most attacked country on planet earth in human history by a number of key metrics, some of them mentioned above.

In the face of these legendary threats, we have the beautiful and eloquent Asma Assad, educated in the west, obviously not representing what the west accuses, speaking bravely and with honour.

The western media-driven agendas bent to justify endless pre-emptive wars against non threatening countries would fail if they gave air time to the real victims of these wars. If the public would only demand to seek understanding from victim testimonies in equal portion to the words spoken on edited teleprompters by paid actors we call “news anchors”. By the way “anchor” is a psychological term. Anchoring bias in decision making is a well understood science for advertisers, also used by politicians and the war lobby.

What an upside down planet we have here, run by cowardly psychopaths who are worshiped even while they ruin beautiful landscapes, structures, economies and innocent people for a few pieces of silver.

– Author Tate Ulsaker

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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Bloomberg Business engaging in ‘Propaganda for War’, by Joaquin Flores

Source: Fort Russ

The mountain of lies grows exponentially as the declining Empire moves heaven and Earth to launch as many wars as possible in line with its “strategic” hubris.

We read the lies every day in almost all publications in the Western sphere of influence. These lies then are repeated by talk show hosts, jokes cracked, columns written by hacks and even courses taught on “Putin’s Wars”. Then your colleague at work or neighbours regurgitates the lies in an effort to talk politics. Its quite frustrating an experience, watching grown men and women utter such drivel with a straight face.

According to programmer Alberto Brandolini, “The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.”

What people often forget,are unaware off or, as is the modus operandi of Western “media”, never told is that this type of “reporting” is ‘Propaganda for War. This was and remains to be a war crime, in fact the Nuremberg trials has Goebbels’s staff in the dock for it.

The below – meticulously documented – piece by Joaquin Flores is crucial in understanding how this form of propaganda works. Please share widely.

Augmented Ether

Photographer: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images
Photographer: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

In a rare western interview of the leader of the Donetsk Republic, Zakharchenko was given ‘the  full treatment’ by Bloomberg.  In doing so, they indeed may have violated international law, and committed crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.

Today’s article in the US publication was indeed particularly instructive.  It tells us how the US and the European Atlanticists will try to spin the actual Ukrainian violations of the Minsk II Agreement and ceasefire.   The US and its direct and proxy agents working in the ostensibly ‘private/independent’ (but de facto state controlled) media are creating the pretext to use the UN Security Council resolution which enshrines the Minsk II Agreement against those which it favors; against those whose battlefield victories made it possible.  Barring that, at the very least they are breeding an internal climate and setting the national discourse to justify things which are in violation of international law.

Western media is going to do it by twisting Zakharchenko’s words to fit a tremendous lie.   Specifically they will do this by taking what he said out of context and then inserting them into a fictional context of western media invention.

As things unfold, we will no doubt hear that ‘Zakharchenko himself’ said that he intended to break the ceasefire all along.

If you do not mind being insulted or enraged by what passes for news, analysis, or commentary in the west, then we suggest you have a read for yourself : “Gunfire in Donetsk as Rebel Leader Refuses Ukrainian Unity”.

In this review, we will highlight some of the most dangerously misleading and dishonest parts of the Bloomberg article.  Insofar as these are used to encourage the US public to support the US government in increasing its illegal wars in the world, these are war crimes as understood by the precedent established at Nuremburg and subsequent prosecutions by the ICJ in The Hague in decades that followed.

Naturally, according to the theory of ‘trickle down hubris’, even the flies yelling ‘charge’ whilst sitting on the chariot wheel of history, such as the article’s author Stefan Kravchenko, embody the imperial arrogance which originates at the very top.  It may escape these criminals, big and small, that what they peddle is no different than what Julius Streicher was hung for.

Yes, the convictions at Nuremberg were not just those in the military command, or policy making – but also in media. We must remember Streicher, like Joseph Goebbels – only wrote words. They only created a discourse which justified aggressive wars of conquest.

American media bosses clearly believe they are on the winning side of history, arrogantly assuming they will never be made to account for their documented crimes.

With US power now in decline, we are fast approaching a time when various US statesmen and media tycoons will have to face trial similar to Nuremberg, under the watch of the international community. That will be an important time for truth and reconciliation.

The Minsk II Agreement came at a time when thousands of innocents were being killed by UAF forces, and was later backed by a UN Security Council resolution.  Working to undermine this UN enshrined agreement for peace is clearly a crime against humanity and a crime against peace, which are war crimes.  In this context we can see what is in fact the most optimal end-game scenario for those in media who are guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against peace, possibly inclduing Kravchenko and his employer, Bloomberg.

Understanding how US media conducts its propaganda is very important.  One of the primary methods is the destruction of the English language.  Grammar and words are very important, as these define specific concepts.  When words and grammar are butchered, the very concepts and thoughts which these represent are also destroyed.

Additionally, when critical context is subtracted, the impoverished result is a form of language which lowers the cognitive capacity of the reader.  It makes us stupid.

Certainly since at least last weekend, we have seen a real uptick in the reports of clashes.  Around Donetsk Airport, there have been many hundreds wounded on the UAF side, according to DPR reports.  Not only are some of these clashes reported to have occurred between the various forces fighting for the Kiev Junta and  the revolutionaries in the Donbass, but also between the various groups of the Kiev Junta.  Indeed, the UAF is confirmed to have had a few serious skirmishes with the OUN in the last week alone.

Continue reading Bloomberg Business engaging in ‘Propaganda for War’, by Joaquin Flores

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