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All in play as France prepares to tear up political playbook, by Pepe Escobar

Source: Asia Times

The dice have been rolled and it looks like French electors may buck the political narrative

The Decline of the West; the destiny of Western civilization; the unraveling of the EU; the future of democracy itself. All stops are pulled when it comes to how the French presidential elections will shape the geopolitics of a young and turbulent 21st century.

And it’s about to come down to the fate of three men and one woman – not exactly rising to the occasion, rather overwhelmed by it.

The run-up to the first round this coming Sunday turned out to be an immensely entertaining Gallic House of Cards.

On the right, burdened by his massive unpopularity, the conqueror of Libya, former president Nicolas Sarkozy, a.k.a. Sarko The First, was eliminated right from the get-go alongside the conservative favorite, Bordeaux mayor Alain Juppé.

The winner of the right’s primaries was former Prime Minister François Fillon – emblem of provincial Catholic France drenched in uncompromising neoliberalism (low corporate taxes mixed with an assault on social welfare). But just when Fillon seemed to be comfortably cruising towards a second round victory, he was spectacularly derailed back in January by pugnacious satirical weekly Le Canard Enchainé; a mysterious source, with devilish timing, took Mr Clean to the cleaners.

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