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Yahwism ? The death cult at the heart of the Judeosphere and the Global Terror Trade by Paul Matthews

Jewish schools in UK tighten security amid terror attacks in Paris

Last September the Times of Israel announced that Greece, India, Russia, Cyprus, China and Honduras were upgrading economic and defence ties with Israel as a joint Hudson Institute-Haifa University Report speculated about what a new, extended ‘maritime’ rôle for the Israeli Navy might entail, as the USA disengages from the region (sic). We savour daily the joys of Pax Judaica in France where «nation» and «sovereignty» are dirty words among journalists whose success is gauged by their enthrallment with the ‘Jewish bubble experience’.

Our media pundits trumpet thus the merits of life in a ‘Post-Holocaust Community’ and we learn that – tasked with suppressing ‘fake news’ and with smoothing over strained ties to the ‘official news outlets’ – Facebook has hired a former NBC correspondent and CNN anchor turned education advocate. Her name : Campbell Brown.

She converted to Judaism to marry Daniel Samuel ‘Dan’ Senor, author of Start-up Nation : The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle. One-time advisor on foreign policy to former US president GW Bush, he was likewise chief spokesman and spin doctor emerite to Lewis Paul Bremer III of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. A right hand man of Republican Mitt Romney – a US exceptionalism enthusiast – this archetypal radical zionist is blessed with being both a founding partner of Rosemont Capital and a partisan of a military strike against Iran.

With their favourite websites now monitored by Décodex, a ‘NATO service‘ technically bankrolled by Google and Facebook – to fight alleged Russian influence in the West – French electors and internauts are gratified to learn that such founts of ‘editorial discernment’ along with Five Eyes spooks, are sifting diligently through the contents of their correspondance and all that courses through the conduits of this ‘social networking service’.

The following analysis was mostly in the bag after events at Orly and in Westminster and before brinkmanship climaxed again with the unprovoked attacks on the Sha’irat airfield in Syria and the Saint Petersburg Metro.

A recent Saker article pinpoints the current fragility of Russia whose independence hinges essentially upon Vladimir Putin’s personal vigilance and charisma, as well as upon the quasi-monarchical rôle he and his party ‘United Russia’ play in fending off a hostile environment orchestrated by the Atlanticists and their proxies who operate both outside the Russian Federation and within its national territory as a Fifth Column. As the latest terrorist violence ratchets up the pressure exerted to silence opposition to the oligarchy, readers should be made aware of the basis of a profound antipathy towards Gentile nations now threatening world peace and security.

Europe is sick – in mind and body. Hardly had the dead and injured been extracted  from the wrecked carriage underneath the former capital of Imperial Russia, before BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford was

given to speculating in her coverage that the explosion might be a plot to distract from anti-corruption protests facing the Russian government. Western journalists repeating unfounded rumours from CIA sponsored social media is a feature of NATO’s psyops warfare manual. So, while famous landmarks the world over were lit up in response to the attacks on Paris, London or Berlin, nobody’s surprised that gestures of public sympathy or solidarity with Russia or Syria are singularly lacking in the capitals of most of our so-called ‘democracies’.

Illuminated with the colours of the Russian flag, Tel Aviv’s city hall was the exception. But then Israel is home to many Russian expatriate Jews and this piece of window dressing cannot fool us as to who or what lies behind the task of fostering a global climate of mass fear. Hence the urgent need to identify unequivocally the ideology behind the Empire of Terror. This signifies joining the dots between individuals and structures performing acts of ‘Muslim’ extremism and the fundamentalist financial doctrines of the Anglo-Zionists and their agents on the Arabian peninsula who provide the wherewithal to keep the militaro-industrial complex on a war footing.

Franco-Syrien analyst Dr Ayssar Middani, a former Syrian MP Dr Maria Saadeh, a French barrister Damien Viguier and Hussam Eddin Ala, Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva, testify to the extent to which efforts to destroy the national identity and material and cultural heritage of Syria progress and how the heroism of the Syrian people remains the principle obstacle to the regional and global hegemony advocated by Britain and Israel and their partners France, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Such testimony indicates the serious knock-on effects of these criminal policies for other regions, notably Europe, Russia and China, while  the Golan Area of Separation is used to facilitate the movement of terrorists, their weapons and equipment, as flagrant Israeli attacks against Syrian territory and military sites underscore the strategic alliance between the Israeli régime on one hand and the likes of Jabhat al-Nusra and other murderous organizations on the other.

Seven Laws of Noah :  whose enforcement may provide you with a loophole : Brit milah [circumcision]

This land is my land, Your land is my land

«At Mount Sinai, G-d charged the Children of Israel to serve as His “Light unto the nations” by bringing all of humanity to a recognition of their Creator and adherence to His laws. For most of Jewish history, however, circumstance did not permit our people to spread these principles, other than by indirect means. When the Lubavitcher Rebbe began speaking about publicizing them as a preparation for a new era, he was reviving an almost lost tradition». Universal Morality : The Seven Noahide Laws

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