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Mass Media’s On Over Drive Trying To Confront The One Candidate That Can Stop The War Machine

Source: Last Week Tonight

The Military Industrial Complex is in panic mode. Their candidate Hillary is sure to secure the Democratic vote but it is looking increasingly unlikely that Americans can be fooled again.

For the few that really need the nudge, please use Google and see what Bernie’s war record is both past & present. He is at the end of it a Military Industrial Complex candidate. Period.

unstumpable Trump

Donald Trump is the red pill that America needs.

Here is one of the (Democratic) Military Industrial Complex’s many mouthpieces. He really went all out this time, stage fireworks and a rap song to boot. Looks like the conservatives in America are back with a vengeance. There maybe a chance of peace.

Will thinking Millenials & Baby boomers – be they African American, Latino or Asian – wake up in time to vote Trump?

Augmented Ether

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