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Bloomberg Business engaging in ‘Propaganda for War’, by Joaquin Flores

Source: Fort Russ

The mountain of lies grows exponentially as the declining Empire moves heaven and Earth to launch as many wars as possible in line with its “strategic” hubris.

We read the lies every day in almost all publications in the Western sphere of influence. These lies then are repeated by talk show hosts, jokes cracked, columns written by hacks and even courses taught on “Putin’s Wars”. Then your colleague at work or neighbours regurgitates the lies in an effort to talk politics. Its quite frustrating an experience, watching grown men and women utter such drivel with a straight face.

According to programmer Alberto Brandolini, “The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.”

What people often forget,are unaware off or, as is the modus operandi of Western “media”, never told is that this type of “reporting” is ‘Propaganda for War. This was and remains to be a war crime, in fact the Nuremberg trials has Goebbels’s staff in the dock for it.

The below – meticulously documented – piece by Joaquin Flores is crucial in understanding how this form of propaganda works. Please share widely.

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Photographer: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images
Photographer: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

In a rare western interview of the leader of the Donetsk Republic, Zakharchenko was given ‘the  full treatment’ by Bloomberg.  In doing so, they indeed may have violated international law, and committed crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.

Today’s article in the US publication was indeed particularly instructive.  It tells us how the US and the European Atlanticists will try to spin the actual Ukrainian violations of the Minsk II Agreement and ceasefire.   The US and its direct and proxy agents working in the ostensibly ‘private/independent’ (but de facto state controlled) media are creating the pretext to use the UN Security Council resolution which enshrines the Minsk II Agreement against those which it favors; against those whose battlefield victories made it possible.  Barring that, at the very least they are breeding an internal climate and setting the national discourse to justify things which are in violation of international law.

Western media is going to do it by twisting Zakharchenko’s words to fit a tremendous lie.   Specifically they will do this by taking what he said out of context and then inserting them into a fictional context of western media invention.

As things unfold, we will no doubt hear that ‘Zakharchenko himself’ said that he intended to break the ceasefire all along.

If you do not mind being insulted or enraged by what passes for news, analysis, or commentary in the west, then we suggest you have a read for yourself : “Gunfire in Donetsk as Rebel Leader Refuses Ukrainian Unity”.

In this review, we will highlight some of the most dangerously misleading and dishonest parts of the Bloomberg article.  Insofar as these are used to encourage the US public to support the US government in increasing its illegal wars in the world, these are war crimes as understood by the precedent established at Nuremburg and subsequent prosecutions by the ICJ in The Hague in decades that followed.

Naturally, according to the theory of ‘trickle down hubris’, even the flies yelling ‘charge’ whilst sitting on the chariot wheel of history, such as the article’s author Stefan Kravchenko, embody the imperial arrogance which originates at the very top.  It may escape these criminals, big and small, that what they peddle is no different than what Julius Streicher was hung for.

Yes, the convictions at Nuremberg were not just those in the military command, or policy making – but also in media. We must remember Streicher, like Joseph Goebbels – only wrote words. They only created a discourse which justified aggressive wars of conquest.

American media bosses clearly believe they are on the winning side of history, arrogantly assuming they will never be made to account for their documented crimes.

With US power now in decline, we are fast approaching a time when various US statesmen and media tycoons will have to face trial similar to Nuremberg, under the watch of the international community. That will be an important time for truth and reconciliation.

The Minsk II Agreement came at a time when thousands of innocents were being killed by UAF forces, and was later backed by a UN Security Council resolution.  Working to undermine this UN enshrined agreement for peace is clearly a crime against humanity and a crime against peace, which are war crimes.  In this context we can see what is in fact the most optimal end-game scenario for those in media who are guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against peace, possibly inclduing Kravchenko and his employer, Bloomberg.

Understanding how US media conducts its propaganda is very important.  One of the primary methods is the destruction of the English language.  Grammar and words are very important, as these define specific concepts.  When words and grammar are butchered, the very concepts and thoughts which these represent are also destroyed.

Additionally, when critical context is subtracted, the impoverished result is a form of language which lowers the cognitive capacity of the reader.  It makes us stupid.

Certainly since at least last weekend, we have seen a real uptick in the reports of clashes.  Around Donetsk Airport, there have been many hundreds wounded on the UAF side, according to DPR reports.  Not only are some of these clashes reported to have occurred between the various forces fighting for the Kiev Junta and  the revolutionaries in the Donbass, but also between the various groups of the Kiev Junta.  Indeed, the UAF is confirmed to have had a few serious skirmishes with the OUN in the last week alone.

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