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Beware the electronic iceberg!, by Mohsin Siddiqui

So the Greek pseudo-left’s poster boy has come back to Athens victorious after selling his country off to the vultures. But it is all that he could do you see, the negotiations were very tough. I suppose a good meal, a decent sleep, a morning swim and a new $3,000 suit will put his mood right. After all, most Greek pensioners do the same thing to feel better.

The Syrian people are waiting for the tens of thousands of Jihadis to die out so that they can rebuild. Well, that is if enough Syrians remain to rebuild. The conveyor belt of Islamic State recruitment to deployment, command and control and media are continuing to receive full support from NATO,EU,UK,USA, GCC and Israel. The systematic destruction of Syria is a shame on humanity.

But do not despair, Iran has just signed its deal of the century with the “Great Satan”. A deal so flaky that eco-friendly toilet paper probably has a better chance of survival.

Before you get too worked up, when is your next bill due? Are you behind on your mortgage payment? Or have you finally taken that vacation you have been talking about?

It is ok if you cannot afford it for now. You see, we are very important cogs in the system. Without our essential roles to buy and sell meaningless shit, how would the world go round?  Without your essential job, how would you get electronic money in your bank account and watch it disappear?

Money makes the world go round they say. The debt bubble is growing! Trillions in derivatives and this is just the tip of the electronic iceberg! Are you excited by collapse porn?! It sure is entertaining!

Surely, there is no way us humans can survive without bankers, paper money, pedophile politicians and monarchs. I mean, how could we ever figure out how to run our countries, schools, police and economy so brilliantly as the current leadership. Nonsense! Hearsay!

But hey, lets not ask dangerous questions. Lets not wonder who came around when and privatized the planet so that you and I are customers and not humans on the planet anymore. Lets not ask why we have to pay to exist? Nonsense! Hearsay!

Mohsin Siddiqui

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