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Conversation: Living in Aleppo

Journalist & activist Eva Bartlett who has spent several months in Syria had this to say:

Impressive report with Pierre Le Corf in
#Aleppo, speaking on the terrorist snipers which plague civilians in quarters near the frontlines of terrorist-occupied areas of eastern Aleppo, also of the real hardships Aleppo residents face daily: lack of water, lack of electricity (both thanks to terrorists control the flow of both), and the media war in which corporate media refuse to honestly portray, or report on period, life in government-secured western/greater Aleppo.

Some comments Pierre mentioned to me:
“The French media are trying to hide the attacks from Al-Nusra but because they want to show something full of action, they can’t hide it when I pass front of sniper curtain or when they shot on me at the end. 

A lot of people wrote me about that video and were surprised of the situation here, finally.
I’m tired to see that very few people know about the situation…”
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