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Conversation: Global Politics In Review

Roman emperors used the Gladiator fights in the Colosseum as a means of providing entertainment. Brutal savagery was considered sport and the people cheered.

The 21st century brings with it no excuse for poverty to still exist. No excuse for the human population to run in hamster wheels to rent basic needs such as food,water,shelter,medicine & education.

With the infrastructure available, the skill set available and the manpower available one must wonder why the basic needs are not?

When you pay for a ‘right’ it ceases to be a ‘right’ and is instead a temporary privilege you can ‘afford’ temporarily.

Just like in ancient Rome, we have a modern day globalized Colosseum of consciousness. The gladiators are us this time, battling each other in a game of corporate servitude so that we may excel and obtain the glory of ‘money’, created out of thin air by banks, so that we may obtain our basic needs not temporarily but forever.

When we doubt this charade, an army of media mugals, politicians, bureaucrats, military men and religious clergy lead the charge against sanity.  Such thought is ‘conspiratorial’, ‘Utopian’, ‘extreme’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Humans are told that their inner good can never be enough, that their desire to see a peaceful and just world is not reasonable. Why? Because we cannot afford it we are told. Yes, the artificiality of money that is created out of thin air is used to strangle us. Terrorism,death,destruction,sorrow,pain, poverty is dangled in front of us to keep us in line. The poor instead of being our calling feed our fear.

Fear that power manufactures to keep the televised destruction of humanity on the air so that the plebs stay happy in their hamster wheel, feeling ‘safe’.

Augmented Ether

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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