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On the Unveiling of the Philosopher’s Stone, by Paul Matthews

The photo “Two lads on a donkey” was taken in 2007 near Tarqûmiya in the Hebron Governorate محافظة الخليل‎‎ Muḥāfaẓat al-Ḫalīl

A late summer’s plumage
Bedraggled in the fall
The forest’s taken umbrage
Beneath a golden pall …
Levellers in the Firmament
Amend the Earth’s integument
Autumn redrafts the leaves’ descent
Nature’s will and testament.
As drab or stripper must undress
So bear the woods the winds’ caress
The mouldering of moulted attire
A smouldering all consuming fire.
At back end now, the world turns drear
For the gloaming of the year
Recrudescent nether powers
Resurging with the darkling hours.
And in a scent of new born wine
The perennial decline
Like rust on share or tine
More mildew on the vine.
A sheen-like glim of life’s afloat
Rampant oozing from the slime
The dross trampled underfoot
In the Mighty Press of Time.
A poem by Paul Matthews (1970)
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