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An Association of Journalists who stand for honesty and dignity of life, by Augmented Ether

This blog has been online for sometime now and it has given us the opportunity to survey the landscape of popular left opinion makers, writers, journalists,philosophers,poets,historians,,economists,media organizations and more.

We have found there to be much good in the community, a lot of good will, true honest dedicated individuals and very driven truth seekers. To be honest, it has been the proverbial breath of fresh air to work with the wonderful people involved in speaking the truth.

However, we have also at the same time noticed a few things that can be done a lot better by just some simple coordination and collaboration. It has been very surprising to us that we were able to talk to veteran journalists, suggest ideas and even introduce people. And this was just a part time blog.

There are a number of good people doing great things and we wish to help them all connect with each other. That is pretty much the aim at the moment.

One such person who has been generous with her unwavering support of the truth and of raising the bar of journalism is Dagmar Henn, a former Munich City Councilor and now a member of the German Communist Party.

It was during a conversation with her that the idea of an “Association of Journalists” was mentioned by Dagmar.

Here, below, we (this blog) explain it in our own words.

The Proposition:

One need that we have seen in the Alternate Media landscape has been a lack of collaboration to establish standards that would help identify the honest from the run of the mill.  Perhaps a vehicle that could be a form of loose fraternity if you call it, would be say an “Association of Journalists who stand for honesty and dignity of life”. We all know how much damage the Mass Media inflicts on ordinary people who lap up lie after lie after lie

When the unenlightened go online, they are met with a barrage of news reports from every corner of the planet. There is simply no way to verify the report, certify the credibility of the author nor to assume with confidence that journalistic standards were followed. Now, if you are the average joe, would you really dig through to find the truth of the matter?

For instance, a logo or digital water mark for display pictures could be one simple way to indicate at first sight what the journalist stands for. We could even have a people fact checked and maintained database of journalists from around the world. These are just some ideas on how we could do things and by no means a final suggestion.

The idea is to spark conversations and working groups to help us all realize a positive outcome, a consolidation of our respective followers, a unification of the global movement now underway in various shapes, colours and forms. 

Please help spread the word!

When there is utter corruption in the landscape then we must form a new body to be the focal point of fighting this corruption via people funded media. We feel NewsBud has that potential, it is a truly unique way to transform news for the 21st century.

Similarly, we see exciting stuff at Peak Prosperity that will serve as a great educational tool for the masses of interested people.

Another example of powerful people power is Mint Press News that has quickly gained a steady following.

How can we have everyone collaborating more?

How can we shape opinion by using technology to enable discussion panels with the worlds foremost experts on a regular basis broadcast online for the entire planet to learn from? for example. A panel dedicated to responding to official government claims on matters such as the TPPA .

There is much to think about and this is by no means an attempt to answer all questions but we feel it is a step in the right direction.

We would like to call on anyone in our community of peers to discuss these idea among yourselves, your network of friends & family and us.

Never before in the history of the world did we all have so much talent available at our finger tips. Lets get smart and use it to our advantage. We can do wonderful things.

Augmented Ether

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.

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Conversation: Iran Has Been Transparent and Accountable Over its Nuclear Program, Andre Vltchek

Interview of Andre Vltchek by Kourosh Ziabari

Andre Vltchek at Press Tv studios
Andre Vltchek at Press Tv studios

An acclaimed philosopher and journalist who has recently visited Iran tells Fars News Agency that the reality of Iran is absolutely different from the way it’s being illustrated in the mainstream media.

Andre Vltchek says “Iran that you see when visiting the country has nothing in common with that imaginary, terrible and cruel Iran that the West’s mass media has created.”

Commenting on Iran’s nuclear program and the international responses to it, Andre Vltchek says the majority of the Middle East nations and the global public don’t have any objections to Iran developing nuclear technology, considering Iran’s peaceful nature and its long history of non-violence.

“I am actually horrified that such countries, such colonial powers like the United States, France and the UK have their nuclear arsenal and that the world is tolerating it. These countries are responsible for loss of hundreds of millions of human lives, all over the world. But Iran! Why should anyone fear Iran? Yes, Iran is transparent and accountable over its nuclear program,” he asserted.

Vltchek who has traveled to tens of countries in five continents talks of his experience in Iran with delight, noting that without visiting Iran, “one’s knowledge of the world could never be complete.”

Andre Vltchek was a keynote speaker at the International Congress on 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims held in Tehran last month.

FNA spoke to Mr. Vltchek about Iran’s relations with the West, the portrayal of Iran in the Western media and the international perceptions of the country’s nuclear program.

Q: You recently attended the International Congress on 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims, which commemorated the Iranian citizens and officials murdered by the terrorist groups following the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Isn’t it ironic that while Iran says it’s been a victim of global terrorism itself, it’s being accused by some of the major powers and their allies of sponsoring terrorism?

A: Yes it is ironic, but the entire arrangement of the world is more than ironic; it is grotesque. We have a group of several, mainly Western countries, ruling the world, brutalizing all continents, reigning over entire planet using dictatorial and often criminal means, but these countries are accusing others, mainly their victims, of being undemocratic [and] even of sponsoring terrorism.

Iranian victims of terrorism
Iranian victims of terrorism

Their propaganda is extremely advanced. It was being perfected throughout the centuries. I suggest one thing: keep telling the truth and continue presenting facts. But the countries like Iran should not engage in direct debate with the West over these issues. It is because the West and its propaganda are too advanced in their ways and in the methods to manipulate public opinion through distorting the facts. Their outright lies are now more convincing than the truth.

Continue reading Conversation: Iran Has Been Transparent and Accountable Over its Nuclear Program, Andre Vltchek

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